Understanding ICT

Week one:

Well, what a few weeks it has been. Studying full time and working part time, while being it with a cyclone and floods has just been exhausting. I was thinking I would be quite knowledgeable about the basics of ICT however I was wrong. I find myself using ICT to everyday duties and use large amounts. My first thought is that ICT are tools in which we use to communicate. Social media is the easiest way for people in our generation to communicate with others and generate ideas and thoughts. This can sometimes be a negative aspect. Everyday I look at my phone, laptops and television. However broader to that is the software, radio and satellite. As a preservice teacher I am very apprehensive to use ICT within the classroom due to lack of experience and like Mikaela feel that I do not trust it in a sense. As said in my earlier post I am eager to learn more about ICT and while searching I found this to help me out with understanding.

I understand that the only way we can learn new ICT is by not being afraid of trying and exploring it within a classroom setting. As I said I am very apprehensive, however need to find new technology exciting instead of daunting and frustrating. Using this blog is enough out of my comfort zone and I am already benefiting my CIT skills.

The clip below is a replica of me and technology:


Until my next post,

Megan Howard ♥

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