Incorporating ICT’s In HPE

As I complete my assessment two and start my assessment 3 I find time to reflect on how ICT is really incorporated into the HPE classroom. The ideas that have been set out to achieve in my unit plan submitted may be a little hopeful and optimistic. In reality finding the time to do the range of the tasks outlined could be challenging. My unit was based on a students researching and interpreting puberty based health concerns and creating an ad to help people within there community with issues that they may be facing. I feel that this would be a very achievable task however sometimes within a HPE setting there is not enough time. When I look at all the aspects that are included within the unit it would take a great deal of time and organisation to successfully achieve. With writing, editing and uploading there is a large amount of work to get done. I can understand why some/most HPE educators do not use ICT within their lessons. It would be especially hard if there was no support teachers available to help assist students. It is not certain what the solution to this would be. It would mean teachers need to use time accordingly and understanding the ICT thoroughly before planning the unit. It would also require teachers to allow students the chance and responsibility of doing tasks (uploading and editing) themselves.

I feel that through this course I am beginning to understand that ICTs need to be used in a positive way. Even though I may not be confident in using tools myself it is important to allow the students access to them and the opportunity to use them in class. Even when the ICT become challenging and decides not to work, it is important to keep trying and keep incorporating. It’s important to remember that technology and our students are the way of the future.


  • Megan 🙂



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